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“Jetty is the best dog we have ever owned! He’s the king of pheasant hunting, can fit 3 tennis balls in his mouth and is as sweet and patient as can be. We will be muddy paws customers for life! You guys produce the best (and best looking) dogs! You can see from this photo he makes our life and our family complete!

--- Stephanie Ann

I know these pups personally, great dogs. If you want a rock solid hunting companion or a laid back fun house dog, these are for you. They know how to turn the switch on and off from a stone cold killer retriever to a loving family pet. Feel free to call me if you are interested. I don't recommend things often but I believe anyone would be happy with this pup.
Keith Lawson Michelle Brown Lawson

— Matt Morgan, St Louis

"If you asked me about a year ago if I’d ever be a Dog Mom, the answer would be no way. I’m not a huge animal person. But here I am, convinced by my 5 year old that dogs are cool and now I’m obsessed with our Moose. 🤷🏼‍♀️🐶💙

I’m extremely amazed at this pup! He is so gentle & calm yet playful. He is so smart to be so young & we are so proud to have him 

— Brookli & Ashton, Portageville, MO

Couldn't ask for a better pup. This is SHR Bella Rae. We'll get her HR title this summer.

— Jason Hinkle

"I have owned a lot of labs throughout my life, but Ellie has got to be at the top. First year hunting she was retrieving birds at 8 months old. Thanks Muddy Paws for introducing me to my best friend (next to my wife) lol"

— Steven Dintleman

"We got Molly from y’all almost three years ago and she is our perfect girl! She has such a loving temperament and can never get enough retrieving! She has been so easy to train in to the perfect gun dog for Duck Season and the perfect home dog for the rest of the year!"

— Jenna White

"This is Nelli. She is a year and a half, and weighs 50 lbs. She is the most goofy, smart, playful, and loving dog we could have asked for. She is full of personality, and lives to hunt and train."

— Katelyn Whitley

Great bunch of people that will shoot you straight and are very compassionate about their dogs! They take pride into finding just the right dog that will suit you if you ask them. Once you get a dog from them you are family you can call and ask questions if you have any from that point on. I got two from them and I’m very pleased! Great pedigrees smart, fast, easy to train, and most of all loving!! Hunting buddy or life pet you have come to the right place! Thank you guys and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you!

— Roy Hodgkiss

Rudy went out hunting this morning with me and drug his first honker back to me. He wasn't giving up on it till he got it back to me. Thanks to Missouri Muddy Paws for this amazing dog!  Keith and Michelle Lawson.

—Brandon Golubski

This is the families 3rd Missouri Muddy Paws Kennel pup. Otis, Gauge and Milo. Best hunting labs out there.

— Eric Weber



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