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Health Guarantee

Missouri Muddy Paws Kennel has made every possible attempt to insure that genetic diseases have not been passed on to any puppies that are bred and born by us.


Puppies receive vet care from a licensed vet.  Within 3 days of birth, a vet has evaluated their health and removed the dew claws.  The puppies will receive the first set of shots at 6 weeks of age, also by a licensed vet.  Puppies will have received a minimum of two de-worming treatments.  Upon taking your puppy home, the breeder will provide you with documentation of the shots/vet care that the puppy has already received, and when the next vet visit should take place. This first vet visit will also give the puppy owner an opportunity to verify the puppy is in good health.  Notify the breeder immediately if there are any concerns presented at this first visit. 

Our breeding dogs have all been tested and cleared of being affected by genetic diseases PRA, CNM, EIC.  The hips and elbows have been x-rayed and evaluation has shown them to be fair, good or excellent.  It is possible that one of the parents may be a carrier of PRA, but extreme care is taken to ensure that the puppies are not affected by the disease. We will let you know if the litter has a parent who is a carrier.

We guarantee the puppy to be free of hip or elbow dysplasia for up to 26 months of age.  If your veterinarian suspects dysplasia, the x-ray showing this condition must be sent to the OFA for evaluation.  This x-ray must be done before 24-26 months of age, by an approved, qualified, and licensed veterinarian.

If any of these conditions is verified, and the owner wants to keep the dog, we will refund half the purchase price upon receiving a vet’s letter confirming that the dog has been spayed or neutered.  Otherwise, the affected dog may be returned, the registration must be signed over to the breeder, and the breeder has the option of either refunding the entire purchase price, or replacing the dog with a puppy of comparable breeding when available.  In any case, all vet, diagnostic, return, and replacement costs will be the owner’s responsibility.

These guarantees are dependent upon demonstration that the puppy has received adequate care, and nutrition, and is up to date on all shots.  To qualify for this guarantee, the dog must be in possession of its original owner.  Anything that affects the development or well-being of the puppy, such as obesity, abuse, neglect, trauma, or being used for breeding, will void these guarantees.

Three year extended guarantee: Your puppy has been fed only Life's Abundance dog food.  We will extend the health guarantee (including stipulations previously mentioned) to three years if the owner continuously feeds Life's Abundance dog food & treats, purchased through this link:                  We offer this guarantee based on the quality and history of Life's Abundance.  Contains no artificial preservatives or cheap fillers. This is a high quality food that has proven to be a significant contributor to a long and healthy life for your pet.








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