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We are a licensed, husband and wife owned and operated, small family kennel, located in the heartland of southeast Missouri. We have trained, hunted, handled, and hunt tested Labrador Retrievers and now mostly breed high quality British Labrador Retrievers. Our puppies are available for sale usually two or three times a year. Deposits are required to ensure your picking order of the litter.


Hunters need us...ducks fear us...dogs obey us…

Keith has had plenty of experience with Labs, growing up with them, training, handling, and hunting. It seemed he always had a good Lab in training. Charles Lawson, Keith's father ,was also a breeder, as were other family members. Keith's family have been breeders and trainers of Beagles, English Setters, Springer Spaniels, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers  and other hunting breeds.  

Our story of how we became involved with the British Labradors came from loosing a "One of a life time" American Labrador. His name was Missouri Muddy Paws Whiskey. We were completely heartbroken after his untimely death, and part of me was lost for ever when we lost that dog. Dogs are surely Angels as they come into our lives giving unconditional love. There is a reason they are here, and they are never here long enough. You realize that you can't do without that kind of love after they are gone. I prayed and prayed more for another once in a life time dog for my family. I felt that I was undeserving, but my prayers were later answered with these British Labradors. I thank the Lord for them daily.

This is where our adventure with British Labs officially started. Chris Graves, A long time friend and Owner of Otterslough's Kennels talked me into coming to see some of his British Labs. Blypark Antler, and Nebula's Crème. Both dogs had been imported from England.    In 2004, we bought our first, Otter Slough's Fetchin' Timber, a pup from Chris, That pup later became our first British Sire. Like his father Blypark Antler,  and mother Nebula's Crème Otter Sloughs Fetchin' Timber, is a yellow English Labrador retriever with excellent conformation. Timber has distinguished himself as a superior hunter in the field, and is steady to shot. In the blind, Timber is an all business, and intense gundog, with a definite gift for scenting the bird. Timber's retrieving skills are a pleasure to experience, and he is blessed with soft mouth. He has a wonderful disposition and his desire to please has made  him not only a good hunting companion, but a wonderful family dog.

We bought our second British Labrador from Chris at Otter Slough's Kennels shortly after Timber. Cali (Otter Sloughs Calico Girl) is a beautiful jet black British Labrador retriever. She too is blessed with an excellent nose, and is from fine hunting stock.  She is as much at home laying at her families feet in the home, as she is in the field, retrieving birds.  Her temperament has made her the favorite at exhibitions, hunting events, social gatherings, and even trips to our local shops and businesses.  During Cali's first litter the spring of 2007, she produced absolutely adorable fox red, yellow and black pups.

Both dogs have very distinguished pedigrees and provided an exemplary foundation for our lines. We expanded with more pups  from the US, and some imported from Ireland.  These dogs have become our answered prayers. I made it my job now to find the right homes for each and every one of our pups. It seems that a lot of people with similar stories have come to us looking for a great  pup.  These pups are now our angels.   

We hand pick other breeder pups for their parentage, bloodlines, wonderful scenting qualities, and characteristics. We have purchased two  pups from  breeders in the US, again the parents were imported. One of our Dams, a beautiful fox red, Missouri Muddy Paws Ginger Snaps, and a yellow Dam TTF  Del Fleet Neon's Northern Lights.

We searched for trustworthy sources overseas for some of those same great blood lines we already had. We have Imported two pups from Keith Matthews owner of Copperbirch Kennels in Northern Ireland. Those pups are now our black sire Copperbirch Brodie, and a yellow soon to be Sire Copperbirch Tango. We are very proud of each dog.

We would recommend Keith to anyone wanting to import for them selves, or we would be glad to help with that.

We also have two reproduction dams from our bloodlines. A beautiful black Dam, Missouri Muddy Paws Kennel Alicia,  The other is a stunning fox red dam, Missouri Muddy Paws Kennel Loki.   

AKC / UKC registered, British Labrador Retrievers. Located in southeast Missouri, the Lawson family has been training, handling, and breeding quality gundogs across America for generations. Our knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation, we put into each of our pups, till they go to their new homes.  We are breeding that extreme hunting, high quality, British Labrador that fit any hunter's, field trialer's, shed hunter, and family dog owner's, wants and needs. We have puppies available for sale usually three to four times a year. Our breeder dogs have all had hips, elbows certified, and DNA tested for EIC, PRA, and CNM. A $250.00 deposit is required to determine the picking order of our litters, first deposit gets first pick, second deposit gets second pick, and so on. We are currently taking deposits on our next upcoming litter. Because of the quality, our litters sometimes sell before the litter is born. If interested in a great pup, don't wait!

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